Register Your .Travel Domain Name

In the travel industry? Then you need a .TRAVEL domain name! It’s the official top level domain for the travel and tourism industry.

To register your Domain Name two simple steps are necessary:

  1. Authenticate
    You must obtain a UIN (Unique Identifying Number), that means you Your business or service must fall into at least one of the 21 defined Travel Industry Segments.
    And of course you must agree to the .TRAVEL Terms and Conditions.
    Ready? Then get your UIN from here:
    .TRAVEL Authentication
  2. Register
    Once you have obtained your UIN register your domain name here.
    Verify and Register your .TRAVEL Domain Name.
  3. Activate
    Once registered please sure to set up and provide valid nameservers to start using your domain name right away.
  4. Clamining Place Names (optional)
    Contact us if you are a Tourism Board or Government (and also if you are a Country exercising their Nation’s Priority Right) who would like to claim their place names as a .TRAVEL Domain Name so that we can arrange for this.